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Our Vision

Trinity Management Services, we are committed to excellence in the delivery of management reporting in the professional care industry. This means adding bottom-line value through efficient, compliant operations. We are not driven by past successes; we strive for continual advancement in everything we do; continuously improving for the future.

Established in 2001, Trinity Management Services delivers customised management reports for the professional care industries. Our starting point is always to understand the specific challenges of client, then apply our highly experienced business practices to deliver solutions that meet these needs.

TrinGrid System

Replace your manual or machine-based payroll system with the automated TrinGrid payroll roster solution that takes the hassle out of reporting to make your life easier.

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Full or Partial Management

Trinity Management Services provides tailor made management reports to assist in professional management across different areas

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The Trinity Team

Trinity Management Services is an Australian business founded and currently operated by aged care pioneers Kelvin Saxton and Frank Moschella OAM. They have been involved in the aged care industry for over 50 years and joined forces in the year 2001 to establish Trinity, and today lead an experienced team of dedicated professionals.

Kelvin Saxton

Founder and Company Director

Kelvin Saxton has been involved in the health care industry for over fifty years. He is an experienced business manager in the financial control and operations of aged care facilities. Kelvin started off his career in financial management at the St George Bank whilst studying business and law before entering the aged care industry. His career has included the financial control of twenty seven aged care facilities, various company directorships, and a plenitude of roles in human resources, industrial relations, and planning. In his career, he has made crucial contributions to the development and commissioning of facilities, where he has liaised with organisations and individuals ranging from local health authorities to the Minister for Health.

Frank Moschella

Founder and Director

Frank Moschella OAM is a pioneer in the development and management of aged care facilities in Australia. He is an accomplished businessman with commercial expertise in aged care, child care and property development. His proactive and charismatic approach to life has been the backbone of Trinity’s success in constantly improving facilities and management teams to keep pace with requirements for better standards. In 2017 he was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for service to the community through a range of organisations.

Henry Ng

IT Development Manager / Payroll Manager

Henry Ng is an experienced IT professional who has been with Trinity since 2002. He specialises in payroll technology and the implementation of innovative solutions for aged care services. The TrinGrid HR & Rostering system was developed by him and has proved successful as an easy to use cloud based solution for businesses of any size. Henry backs up his years of experience with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from UNSW, as well as other postgraduate qualifications in E – Commerce and IT. He is ready to speak with you about improving your systems.

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